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Discovering the Anti-blindness Glasses : a unique Experience

If you remember our previous conversation about colour blindness and the test EnChromaYou will surely remember the interest that this topic aroused among our readers. Due to the popularity of that discussion and the increase in the number of people who made the colour blindness test on the website of EnChromaThe company noticed our interaction and decided to offer me the opportunity to try out their innovative glasses designed to correct the colour blindness.

It is important to remember that colour blindness is present in various forms. For example, people with deuteranomaly have difficulties in distinguishing green, people with protanomaly have problems with red and people with tritanomaly with blue. EnChroma offers a variety of glasses designed for every type of colour blindness. In addition, some people with colour blindness only perceive a single colour, which makes the world appear rather dull to them. These glasses give them the opportunity to see the world in a way that is more similar to that of "normal" people.

However, it is important to note that these glasses do not fully correct the vision of people with colour blindness.that is, they don't allow them to see exactly like someone who is not colour blind. In my case, my colour blindness is quite mild and I was intrigued to see if these glasses would really modify my colour perception.

For a long time, I thought my colour blindness was just a minor imperfection, not realising that it was a real disability. Today, I am excited about the opportunity to correct this "imperfection" with glasses. EnChroma.

So I received the glasses, specially designed for outdoor use and with adequate lighting. It is important to know that these glasses work for about 80% of people and that the effect is not immediate. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to fully feel the effect..

After putting on my glasses, I immediately noticed a kind of pink filter. It took me about ten minutes to get used to this new perception.. It was as if someone had increased the saturation of the colours in my field of vision. For example, as I walked through the shower gel aisle, I was struck by the difference in colour between the different products.

In short, although the glasses do not correct my colour blindness to 100%I have been able to differentiate more easily some colours such as grey and pink, red, yellow and orange. I noticed the difference between a red shopping trolley and an orange bag carried by a child next to me. This made me realise the richness of colours that I used to overlook.

These glasses are a revelation to me, although they seem to correct my colour vision problem a little too much for my level of vision. colour blindness. Still, it is an experience only y fascinating see the world through a new colour palette.

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